Our aims are to provide people and members with a quality service experience. We have set out the minimum standards that you should expect when using our services.

Home visits

  • Visits to your home are available when appropriate and staff members will:
  • Aim to meet you at a time that is convenient to you
  • Phone you in advance if they are going to be late or need to reschedule the meeting

Meeting a member of staff

All staff members will be:

  • Polite and courteous
  • Give you time to explain your needs and listen
  • Complete any follow up work within 5 working days of meeting you (or provide you with a progress update)

Phoning SDS Forth Valley

Phone calls will be answered promptly. In busy periods, an answering service will be available for you to leave a message and your phone call will usually be returned the same day or the next working day. At all times staff members will be:

  • polite and courteous
  • give you time to explain your needs/query
  • efficient and helpful
  • complete any work needed at the earliest opportunity following your call

If we cannot answer your query straight away, we will aim to research your query and call you back within 5 working days, or inform you if there is likely to be a delay with estimated time-scales.

An answer phone service is available for you to leave a message outside of office hours. A member of staff will return your call usually within one working day.

Emailing  and sending a letter

  • Members of staff will respond to your emails usually within 5 working days.
  • If the member of staff is on holiday or off sick you will receive, an automated response informing you when they are likely be back at work, where appropriate, the communication will be responded to another member of staff.
  • At the bottom of all emails, alternative contact details for the office will be available.
  • We will record when we received your letter and will send our reply to you usually within 5 working days. If your query takes longer than 5 days to resolve, we will write to you to let you know.

Information we provide

We will tailor a response to your communication needs or methods and will endeavour to make information available in alternative formats upon request to suit specific needs.

We will make sure that the information we provide is:

  • relevant to the topic
  • in plain English without the use of jargon
  • easy to read and understand
  • easy to use and we will help you to get further information or support (where relevant)

We will provide you with up to date information in a range of ways to suit you, including:

  • The ILA Forth Valley and SDS Forth Valley website
  • Information about SDS Forth Valley services
  • Monthly gatherings at the Forth Valley Cafe
  • A Newsletter
  • An Annual General Meeting
  • Board meetings, also open to members and by request non members

Confidentiality/sharing information

All Personal information that you give to us will be kept safe and used according to data protection rules. To work effectively on your behalf your information may be accessed by any appropriate ILA/SDS employee. We work closely with social services and we may need to share information about your situation with them. There may be times when we must disclose information to authorities such as the Police or Social Services, e.g. if a vulnerable person is at risk.

Suggestions or complaints

Suggestions and comments will be passed to the Co-ordinator for a response as appropriate. If you are making a complaint, the Co-ordinator will initially respond to you within 5 working days and will investigate your complaint fully and write to you with the findings. If a full reply is likely to take longer than 5 days, you will be given a timescale of 15 days in which your complaint will be answered.

You can make a suggestion, comment or complaint by writing to:

The Co-ordinator
Forth Valley ILA/SDS
Dundas Building
Oxgang Road

01324 508794