Self Directed Support is a system of support operated through your local authority that allows you to choose how your support is provided. It gives you as much control as you want of your individual budget which is assessed by a health or social work professional.

Put simply, SDS is the support you can purchase or arrange to meet agreed health and social care outcomes.

SDS includes a number of options for obtaining support. Your individual or personal budget can be:

  • taken as a Direct Payment (a cash payment) which can be used either to directly employ a personal assistant, or, engage with an agency provider to supply your support.
  • allocated to an agency provider that you choose and your local authority holds the budget, but you decide how it is spent to meet the agreed outcomes.
  • or, the local authority can arrange your service.

It is also possible for you to choose a ‘mix and match’ all three different types of support to meet your agreed outcomes