We receive frequent requests on the items listed below so we have produced a series of Fact Sheets to assist you. The Fact Sheets have not been put on-line as they usually require additional explanation to apply the regulations to your particular circumstances. If you have a need for information or support on the items below please contact us and we will provide you with the material on the next working day and an opportunity for an appointment for further support should this be necessary.

  • Employing an overseas worker
  • Risk assessment
  • Poaching Agency Staff
  • PA Car usage
  • Holiday Pay and Entitlements


  • Self Employment – the use of Self Employed pas in Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling is prohibited when using a Direct Payment under Option 1 SDS


  • Working Time Directive – No pa should work more than 48 hours per week including sleep overs.  It is possible for an employee to sign a document opting out of the 48 hour working week, but, that employee may also give one weeks notice to come out of the opt out.  In addition, an employer has a duty of care to ensure that their employee is working in a safe environment.  The maximum hours in such an environment as Care is 60 per week.  A Social Worker also has a Duty of Care for their clients and would also consider more than 60 hours to be potentially unsafe.  There should be an 11 hour break in every 24 hours and a 24 hour break in every 7 day period.  Therefore no pa should be working more than 13 hours per day and no more than 6 days per week.