SDS Forth Valley in partnership with the WEA (Workers Education Association) and Emcare (Training Organisation) organised a full days First Aid Training in Alloa.

Clackmannanshire Council provided Ludgate House for a venue. The team set about communicating with Direct Payment Employers to assess what Personal Assistants would benefit from attending the First Aid Course, facilitated by Alan from Emcare.

Twelve places were available and these were quickly filled. The course ran from 9.30 to 4.30 with lunch and refreshments being provided.

The room provided a cosy set-up; there was a friendly and welcoming atmosphere which was great in settling initial nerves. For some personal assistants it was their first time and for others it was a First Aid refresher. This was recognised from one gentleman who discovered changes since his last course.

During the day personal assistants shared many positive experiences and lots of learning occurred both from the trainer and each other. There was a sense of pride in the roles each person was playing in making a difference to their employer’s wellbeing.

Some comments on the day included

“It’s lovely to meet up and get other peoples opinions”

“Learned a lot from listening to other peoples inputs”

“Nice to learn about other people’s situations and different attitudes to life and work”

“Good to network and meet new people doing similar roles”

“All here for the same thing, to learn about First Aid and from each other.”

“It’s ok to say things and contribute and not feel silly”

“Training has been good and very informative”

“Good to get my First Aid training and knowledge up to date, especially around new procedures and new gadgets/machinery”

“It’s been great to attend this morning – love listening to the amazing jobs that everyone does as personal assistants”.

“Being a personal assistant, I am part of a team to allows a person to flourish”

As we will be running future training and events across Forth valley, we took the opportunity to gather some information as to what personal assistants would like to see more of. Some comments included

Future wishes

“More get-togethers”

“More opportunity to meet people and learn about how they do it and I can share what I do”.

“Meeting more people to get a good understanding of what colleagues do as part of their job.”


Overall it was an excellent day and we look forward to creating more in the coming months. We would like to thank the employers, the team at Ludgate House, Emcare and WEA for working together to create a great learning experience for the personal assistants.

SDSFV team.

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