We are aware that a great number of the people we work with support people in our communities who experience dementia. Dementia affects the brain, making it harder to remember things or think as clearly as before. It’s an umbrella term for over 100 different types of illnesses and disease symptoms; it is not, as many people think a part of the natural ageing process.

We, through hearing a presentation by Alzheimer’s Scotland at the recent SDSS AGM, have become aware of the ‘Delivering Fair Dementia Care for people with Advanced Dementia’ Report which was published in January 2019. This is a report about people with advanced dementia not having equality of access to free health and nursing care, therefore they are disproportionately paying for social care in their own homes and in care homes.

We recognise that it is likely that some of us unfortunately will develop this illness at some point in our life or are already currently living with a family member who has this.  The reports key recommendation is for equal access to free healthcare for people living with advanced dementia.

We are therefore asking our readers to support Alzheimers Scotland as they work tirelessly towards equal rights for people with advanced dementia.

You can show your support by signing up to their campaign, you can do this at www.alzscot.org/fairdementiacare. They will send you updates, by email, about how the campaign is progressing.

You can also hear more about the campaign by joining the conversation on Twitter using #FairDementiaCare

Make that time on the train or bus count!

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