Things are changing from April 2020. From April 6th the contracts you issue to PAs will need to include a greater number of clauses than previously, the following information must now be included in a contract of employment:

  • The days of the week the individual will be working, whether these hours will vary and how they will vary
  • Details of paid leave entitlement (including maternity, paternity etc) or details of where this can be found
  • Details of remuneration and benefits offered
  • Any probationary period, its length and any conditions attached to it
  • Any training entitlement provided by the employer, including whether any training is mandatory and/or must be paid for by the worker
  • Any entitlement to paid leave, including maternity leave and paternity leave (or details about where this information can be found)
  • Details of any mandatory training, provided by the employer, which the worker must complete, and any mandatory training that is required which the employer will not pay for
  • Details of the length of temporary or fixed-term work

If you are taking on any new staff from April 6th please check with your indemnity company as it is likely that there will be updates required to the contracts you have issued in the past.

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