Who can become a member of the FVILA?

We welcome anybody who lives or works in Falkirk, Stirling or Clackmannanshire who has an assessed need, is disabled or has an interest in the rights of the elderly and/or disabled people and supports the concept of independent living, to become a member of FVILA.

Why should I become a member?

The ILA is a user-led organisation. By becoming a member, you can have a real say in what services we offer, how our services are structured, what information we provide and how we provide it, and lots more. All of our members (apart from organisations), have a right to vote at our AGM (Annual General Meeting).

There are opportunities to meet with other like-minded people, share information with people just like you, receive or give support, discuss the issues facing you and help to find solutions to them.

It’s also a way to help make sure that you have a voice in getting your views and issues heard. The more members we have the stronger our voice and the more we can achieve.

We have our monthly Café Meetings at the Falkirk Sensory Centre where you can meet like-minded people and our Newsletter is produced every 3 months, which also gives you the opportunity to share your experiences / issues / ideas with others and to find out about theirs.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Nothing – membership is free.

I work for a like-minded organisation, can my organisation become a member?

Yes. Other organisations are welcome to become associate members. This means that they have access to everything as listed above, with the exception that they will not be able to vote at our AGM.

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