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The Life Link project in Bournemouth describes solutions to combat loneliness. It talks about taking action through support in the local community. Loneliness has been in the news a lot recently. Just because it goes out of the news doesn’t mean it goes away. Community acting takes a little initiative and directing.


People are talking a lot about loneliness these days. A survey by Mencap in 2016 found that half of people with a learning disability want to spend more time outside of their home and just under half do not think they spend enough time with their friends.

Jo Cox

The Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness has started a national conversation about the scale and impact of loneliness in the UK, across all areas of society. Closer to home, Bournemouth People First’s Outright project (2012-14), which was cited as an example of good practice by the Community Connector Hub, aimed to improve life skills of people with a learning disability so that they could safely access and participate in community life. However, despite successes, we found that variations in the quality of support people were receiving was still holding them back from developing better social connections and relationships. This was due in part to stereotypical attitudes towards disability, lack of funding for support and a lack of personalised support. Our LifeLink project was then conceived to address these issues and enable people to become true citizens within their community.

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